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Ackerman to lead UW–Madison’s research and graduate education

Steve Ackerman will serve as the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s next vice chancellor for research and graduate education. He was named today by Chancellor Rebecca Blank. “I am extremely happy,” Ackerman says. “Serving as the vice chancellor for research and graduate education is a great opportunity to help support research across campus, nurture graduate students, and […]

2019 “Targeting U.S. Technologies” report now available

The DCSA Counterintelligence annual report, “Targeting U.S. Technologies: A Report of Foreign Targeting of Cleared Industry,” is now available. This product details and enumerates cleared industry’s reporting of suspicious contact reports that represent potential foreign intelligence entities attempts to illicitly acquire U.S. technologies resident in cleared industry. Read the report.

Pentagon focuses on research, cyber in 2021 budget request

The Defense Department wants to put more than $106 billion into research and development efforts, according to its 2021 budget request. “Last year’s budget was the largest [research, development test and evaluation] request in 70 years. And this year’s research request is even larger,” Deputy Secretary of Defense David L. Norquist said. Read more.

Defense firms cash in on an ‘unprecedented’ wave of classified spending

Some of the Washington area’s biggest defense contractors are making more money than ever from classified military and intelligence programs, top executives told investors this week, as competition with China and Russia drives a wave of secret spending one analyst called “unprecedented in recent history.” Read more.

Science: Shh! Wisconsin seeking to get in on secret cybersecurity research

The Wisconsin Information Security Center in Madison brings UW into a select club of U.S. universities affiliated with labs specifically built to shield secret research from spying eyes. It also highlights the tricky act universities face in balancing the openness that is the bedrock of academic science with the secrecy demanded by agencies funding classified […]

JSOnline: Hackers test, teach computer pros at Cyber Range

State of Wisconsin officials have taken classes through the Michigan Cyber Range, which teaches computer network professionals to detect, prevent and mitigate cyber attacks in real-world settings. This spring, they will engage in exercises where one team launches an attack on a system while another team defends it. “It’s like a war game. You have […]

JSOnline: Time to crack the state’s shortage of cybersecurity talent

In the (first) Cold War, Americans worried about nuclear attack and a retaliatory Armageddon that would have reduced the world to a smoldering wreck. Then came the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, when a small group of suicidal zealots turned hijacked airplanes into bombs. Today’s weapons of choice for those who would attack U.S. […]