WSRC welcomes Maj Gen (ret) Tim Zadalis to Board of Advisors

Maj Gen (ret) Tim Zadalis

Maj Gen (ret) Tim Zadalis

The Wisconsin Security Research Consortium is pleased to welcome Maj Gen (ret) Tim Zadalis to its Board of Advisors. General Zadalis will support national security initiatives and U.S. Air Force and U.S. Space Force partnerships at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

General Zadalis retired from the Air Force in 2017 after nearly 34 years of distinguished service. He is a graduate of the University of Alaska with a Bachelor of Science in the Biological Sciences. He holds a Master’s degrees in Management and Airpower Arts and Sciences, and was a National Security Fellow at the JFK School, Harvard University. His diverse career includes a wide variety of high-level joint assignments including U.S. Transportation Command, Central Command in support of Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom, Southern Command in support of Haiti earthquake relief operations, he is a Northern Command Plank Holder, an Airborne Emergency Action Officer for Strategic Command, and served as ISAF Joint Command Director of Air Plans/Programs in Kabul, Afghanistan during the 2010-2011 operational surge.

His diverse Air Force career includes numerous executive staff and command positions culminating as the Vice Commander of U.S. Air Forces Europe and Air Forces Africa directly supporting operations in U.S. European and Africa Command. General Zadalis has vast expertise in all aspects of air mobility operations, nuclear operations, world-wide airpower command and control, contingency and humanitarian relief operations, human resource, leadership development, and training and education. He is a Command Pilot with over 4,400 flight hours and qualified in 10 training and operational aircraft. He is a decorated combat veteran earning two Bronze Stars, an Air Medal, and the U.S. Army Combat Action Badge.

General Zadalis now resides in Wisconsin and brings over 40 years of experience across his Air Force career, consulting for the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) advanced research and concept development programs, and as a USAF/USSF Adjunct Contract Professor (ACP). He also serves on the Board of Advisors for UW–Madison’s MIA Recovery and Identification Project.

“General Zadalis’ experience and expertise will move forward important research at UW–Madison that directly impacts warfighters,” said Dave Schroeder, WSRC Research Director. “We look forward to working with General Zadalis as we expand our relationships with the Air Force and Space Force.”

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