A Cybersecurity Center of Excellence 


The Wisconsin Information Security Center will accelerate the growth of a high-tech/knowledge-based workforce with capabilities to provide solutions to problems of national security importance. It will build upon the region’s economic diversity by promoting cybersecurity research, education and technology innovation. WSRC will foster collaborative and strategic alliances between government agencies, private industry and academic institutions.

WISC, a WSRC initiative is a skunkworks-type environment that provides a unique combination of world-class talent, facilities and expertise.

  • Provides cohesive network of facilities, talent and service providers
  • Access to an environment that encourages and focuses on innovative cyber solution development and commercialization
  • Promotion of activities and opportunities to defense contractors
  • Access to a strong base of information technology and cyber security talent
  • Marketing of cyber technologies and ideas through public / private partnerships
  • A world-class, high value operational center

Download the brochure (PDF)